Handmade fairy clothing by Pocaluna


 Next collection release 09.01.2020

8pm CET



Special clothes for special women! At Pocaluna, you'll find clothes in alternative style with a hint of fairy dust.


All dresses are designed exclusively by myself and tailored with great attention to detail.

Its important to me that you know every piece is  made by me and there is no low budget worker behind me! My philosophy is '' just earn what you worked with your own hands'' , thats why my collektions are small and unique. It help to keep the clothing market individual, unique ,colourful ,out of the ordinary and give every designer the chance to grow.


I love to use natural fabrics, herbal dye and renounce to work with chemical fixation to protect our ecosystem.



You are welcome to look around my shop and  leave me a message if you have any questions.


lovely greetings...


Your Pocaluna